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How The Instagram Downloader Works

This instagram downloader tool is works in very simple steps simply copy the respective url from the instagram account and paste the same inside the input textbox url bar then click on download button. And you are done now sit back and relax it will show you the corresponding video preview now you need to verify then press the download Video/ Download Image button to get it saved inside your PC or Mobile.

Step-1: Copy The URL

Open instagram then choose the video/image, click on three dots and copy the url.

Step-2: Paste The URL

Paste the copied url to the top of the insert instagram url text box.

Step-3: Preview

Now click on the Download button which will shows the instagram reels/photo preview.

Step-4: Download

Now cross verify the reels/image from that image preview then click on Download Now.

Features & Advantage of Instagram Downloader

  • Fast Downlod Speed
  • Superfast Processing
  • HD Quality Video
  • 1080p Video Support
  • Instagram login not required
  • Good Quality Audio
  • Good Quality Video
  • Best Resolution
  • Easy Methods
  • Download Contents From Insta
  • Support Reels Download
  • Support Story Download
  • Support IGTV Video Download
  • Support Profile Pic Download

Why This downloader required

This tool was self designed and developed by freetricksworld inorder to provide a user friendly experience to our valuable users for instagram story or photo download, By using this tool they can now easily download the IG video,reels,image,photos,IGTV or profile pic from any instagram reels or strory. To download various things we provide various options which are specified below.

On daily basis millions of photos and videos are uploaded to instagram by its users, if you wants to take the advantage by downloading them to your system or mobile you can use our third party tool to download the same which is very fast and done in a ziffy with a premium quality.

1. Instagram Video Downloader

By using this downloader you can download as many insta videos as you wants without paying a single amount whether its your friend or girl friend or collique's video, Everything you can download by simply pasting the url in the downloader text box. This will download to your physical device like MAC,MOBILE, PC with a very good HD(1080p) quality.

2. Instagram Photo Downloader

Instagram Photo downloader is a tool where you can put your instagram someone's photo url which you will get it from instagram by clicking on the image post three dots option then after putting the url inside the insert box you can click on download button so that you will get the original posted image with HD quality.

3. Instagram Story Downloader

Story downloader is a good option when you need to download your girlfriend's status story from instagram, This will shows you to download all the individual status which are there inside the single insta story. Also this tool will give a you a good quality of the image or video whatever there inside the strories.

4. Instagram Reels Downloader

IG Reels downloader are very good if you really wants to save any instagrm reel to your pc or mobile you can use this option to get the best quality of the reels. Reels are may be video or image that does not matter it always show you the best quality to choose while downloading the same.

5. Instagram IGTV Video Downloader

IGTV video are the long run video which are also there inside the instagram that you can not download usually from instagram because of slow internet but our IGTV video downloader has the capacity to download the same to your desired device without hampering the quality. So even if there is no internet later you can watch them and delete.

6. Instagram Profile Pic Downloader

Sometime you may need the profile of the user to download since insta is not allowing to do this, So if you want to save the same to your pc or mobile simply put any of the user's post either video or reels or image , no matters it will give you the image of that user with HD quality.

This tool was designed to download videos/photos from instagram from your own account only. We reserve the rights to deny to provide our service if you are using other's material which is bridge of our terms & privacy issue.


Using instagram reels downloader you can download the video & reels from instagram, A very simple steps you need to follow like you need the reel url or video url which you want to download copy the same and put it inside our downloader section and click download to save it to your current device.

instagram profile pic downloader is a very good tool by using this tool you can download any instagram profile image simply by copy pasting any post url from that user from insta.

unfortunately instagram does not support this feature but freetricksworld provide you a ultimate ig downloader to download the same from instagram by the help of story url.

If you are using a Widows PC then usually it saved inside Download folder , if you are using a MAC then it will save to your Finder >> Download folder.

Once you click the download button you will get the preview of the image/video, On that page again you need to click on the Download Photo or Download Video button to get it download.

No, Its not possible to save it inside your instagram account why because instagram does not support this activity. if you wants to save then google instagram downloadeer from freetricksworld and use the same to save your reels.

Why because instagram does not want to keep the unnecessary things which are keep changing in time to time, if you want to store the same use instagram story downloader.

Open instagram account then open for which video you want to generate the link, Then click on the three dots which is located either top right or bottom down of the video post then you will find one option called copy link, click there you are done.

No, No need to loggin to your account while downloading, It will do the job automatically only you need to provide the exact url of the video post.

Yes, You can download the instagram stories to your mobile, for that you need to use freetricksworld's ig story downloader with the original link from instagram.

Its very simple , copy the url of the video then put it inside IGTV video downloader to download it to your pc.